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Hot Spring Quality and Efficacy

Components, quantities, and composition in a sample of 1 kg


SubstanceMilligrams (mg)Millival (mval)Millival %
(mval %)
Sodium ion (Na+)1014.399.35
Potassium ion (K+)57.91.483.15
Magnesium ion (Mg)57.04.699.97
Calcium ion (Ca2+)1025.0910.84
Iron (II) ion (Fe2+)6.310.230.48
Manganese ion (Mn2+)2.890.110.22
Aluminum ion (Al3+)47.15.2411.15
Hydrogen ion (H+)26.025.854.84
Total Cations40047.0100


SubstanceMilligrams (mg)Millival (mval)Millival %
(mval %)
Fluoride ion (F-)
Chloride ion (Cl-)74220.944.41
Sulfate ion (SO42-)83617.436.92
Hydrogen sulfate ion (HSO4-)7327.5416.00
Bromide ion (Br-)
Total Anions2.33647.1100

(3)Free components

a. Non-dissociated components

SubstanceMilligrams (mg)Millimoles (mmol)
Metasilicic acid (H2SiO3)5016.41
Metaboric acid (HBO2)18.70.43
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)48.10.49
Total non-dissociated components5687.33

b. Dissolved gas composition

SubstanceMilligrams (mg)Millimoles (mmol)
Free carbon dioxide (CO2)
(Free carbonic acid))
Free hydrogen sulfide (H2S)0.00.00
Total dissolved gas composition14.70.33

Dissolved substances (except gaseous)


Total substances


(4)Other trace components

Total Arsenic: 5.23 mg/kg

Copper ions: Not detected (< 0.002 mg/kg)

Lead ions: 0.17 mg/kg

Total mercury: Not detected (less than 0.0005 mg/kg)